How to install a graphics card

So, you've chosen your shiny new card, and it now lies waiting within its box. How do you actually go about installing a graphics card? Here is a complete guide to graphics card installation.

Why upgrade your graphics card?

In our post above we've shown you how to install a graphics card, but you might be wondering just why you would want to do that. The main reason is that it's usually the most cost effective way to upgrade your PC and improve gaming performance. Hopefully this post will go some way to explaining the importance of the graphics card nestled inside your PC!

Choosing a graphics card

Now you've decided to upgrade and install a new graphics card you'll want to spend a little time picking the right one for your budget and your needs. As noted in our post on why you might want to upgrade your graphics card, nowadays it's the most important part of your PC when it comes to playing the latest games. Click through for some advice on choosing a new graphics card that's right for you.

What are SLI and CrossFire? Should they affect how I choose a graphics card?

When looking for a graphics card upgrade you may have come across these two terms, but just what are they? For the majority of buyers they probably won't influence which graphics card you purchase, but in a nut-shell they allow you to install a second graphics card (or third!) to work together with your first. The two graphics cards split the processing between them, improving performance. However it's not as simple as plugging in a second card and there are important considerations before going down this route.

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